About the Property:


This beautiful property in Whitehorse is approximately 5000 square ft with an upper and lower deck in the backyard. You can sit on one of the many lounges on the decks; while enjoying the sun or the shade. The yard is for you to wander around, appreciating the beauty of the flowers, vegetable gardens, and the greenhouse. The kitchen and barbecue are available for your use at any time as well as the wifi!

What Guests Love About the Property:


The guests love the open concept of both the interior and exterior designs of the property. The house is 4100 square ft., with four guest rooms, three bathrooms, a dining area and a deck that fills the backyard. They also enjoy relaxing on the decks, reading, emailing friends, chatting with each other, dining on the outdoor lounges, sipping on beverages or just taking photos. The joy of finding the perfect spot to relax is astounding.

About the Neighbourhood:


The neighborhood is quiet with 13 houses on the cul-de-sac, away from the loud traffic. The bowling alley, movie rental, and a pizza restaurant are a few locations that are within walking distances. You can also entertain yourself with a hike in the nearby trails or walk the millennium trail that's a 5.5 k walk. The trails have great views of Grey Mountain, the Yukon River, the Whitehorse Dam and the longest fish ladder in the world, all while enjoying the great outdoors!

About the Pets:


I have three dogs, and I enjoy playing with all of them. They are my family, and they keep me company during the day. My first dog is Katie, a 14-year-old American Eskimo/Terrier cross. She moves very slowly and loves the summers. She is attracted to the heat of the sun, so she lays on the daybeds and the pillows.


My second dog, Sadie is an 8-year-old Yeorgi/Pomeranian cross. She likes keeping the squirrels out of her backyard and watches me garden. Sadie adores affection; therefore she comes to me while I garden to pet her.


Pepper, the newest addition to the family. She is four months old Whippet. She is quite the character and desperately wants to play with Katie and Sadie. Katie ignores her, and Sadie is usually on the look-out for anything coming into her yard. Katie hardly has time to play with Pepper, but she does chase her around the yard. Everything is new for Pepper so she is always running around exploring the yard and there are times she just lays on the deck.